Better Than Alice’s Restaurant

I don’t think box stores should be open on Thanksgiving. Black Friday is getting too chubby to stay in its bin. Would you like to hear my rant?

I remember after I just graduated college, my sister came to visit me in Connecticut for Thanksgiving. My housemate had gone–everybody had gone. Everything was closed. We found this family-run, Greek diner that happened to be open until two in the afternoon. They gave us what looked like all the turkey in their freezer. They made us fresh stuffing. They fed us pie. In hindsight, they probably would have sat with us, if we’d invited them. 

We walked back home through the leaves and the shuttered downtown. We belched a lot. And because nothing was open, we (legally) raided the local Transcendentalist’s empty house for all of her Yahtzee dice. We lit a fire and played played improv Dungeons and Dragons until two in the morning. And this is what Thanksgiving should be.

(Originally posted November 12, 2013)

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