Dearies, here’s something that annoys me. This morning, NBC posted an article revealing “chilling details” a knife-wielding kid who went amok at a high school. The lead paragraph says, “an X-Box, a Nintendo Wii and a Sony Playstation, along with dozens of games and gaming paraphernalia, an iPod, an iPad and three computers were taken from the home of…” stabby guy. The second paragraph describes the kitchen knives. The final paragraphs describe how, before he went on his spree, the suspect had made some threatening phone calls. Now, shouldn’t the details go: 1) threatening phone calls, 2) kitchen knives 3) gaming equipment? I realize that as both a writer and a gamer, this article has me flying two of my geek flags, at highest dudgeon, at the same time. But really? Gaming devices? Between the two of us, James and I have an X-Box; a PS3; “along with dozens of games and gaming paraphernalia;” many iPods; many iPads; what amounts to a computer petting zoo; and a coffee mug from an RPG comic that has a stick-figure necromancer saying, “I just had an evilgasm.” This does not make us shooters, or stabbers, or even under tippers. We give to charity; we go to a sane church; we leave nesting materials out for the mama squirrels (whose offspring we don’t later eat, mangle or stuff in our underwear). We just also happen to be introverted, reasonably-well-off, creative types whose hobby centers on–you know what? Regularly pretending to save the universe. Sheesh.

(Originally posted April 15, 2014)

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