Las Posadas

Dearies, do you know about las posadas? It’s a Hispanic tradition, where during advent, Mary and Joseph parade from house to house, asking for lodging. Before the family reaches their manger, various houses turn them away, singing, “This is no inn, continue on your way. I am not about to open. You may be a scoundrel.” 

I was thinking about this today, when I listened to a sermon about the refugee children who have crossed our borders. Close to 200 of them are in Iowa–and we’re expecting to find more with the start of school. Nearly 60,000 of them are known to exist nationwide. To paraphrase what I heard this morning, most of the kids didn’t migrate here, but actually fled our way, so they could escape the cartels. Those gangs, by the way, at least partially formed in the United States. We deported many of their soldiers, and now we’re seeing the results. Right. So this advent–if only to raise awareness–I think we should arrange a great many las posadas parades.

(Originally posted September 7, 2014)

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