You’ll forgive my theological geekery, but this is just freaking excellent. Chaim Potok, in his book about Jewish history, writes about contradictions in scripture–especially the different versions of the Ten Commandments event. Here he goes: “All the [contradicting details connect] that covenant to Sinai, and that was the way [the historian] wrote it, giving them all equal validity. What right had he to choose among which was true and which was not? He offered us not a straight narrative but a prismatic, almost surrealistic one filled with splintered, uneven, broken sequences, repetitions, elisions, contradictions, attempting with words to trap the elusive heart of the event, to convey somehow its infinitely mysterious dimensions–and probably failing, as I am failing now in my attempt to describe his effort. That is all I can write at present of that long moment in the wilderness.” My, that is good.

(Originally posted April 20, 2013)

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