Could You Help with a Newbie Question?

Hi, all.

I don’t know any of you, and I don’t know anything about blogs. But I’m delighted to see that I’m getting a handful of followers. It’s all like that scene in ET when Eliot rolls the ball into the cornfield, and the ball rolls back. Or something.

So here’s my question. I am currently loading this blog with lots of posts. I’ve got years of posts that I made on Facebook, and I want to build a body of work before I start with current writing. Here’s the thing:  If I make, say, a hundred posts for the next few days, will my poor followers become inundated with Meganalia? That would be sort of a rude way to come onto the scene, and I’d like to avoid any of those kinds of mistakes.

Thanks for the help,



2 thoughts on “Could You Help with a Newbie Question?”

  1. Not an answer but an alternative: perhaps you could stagger the older entries, maybe load 5 to 10 a week until they are all online. It seems unlikely the average reader, (not that you’ll have any of those!), would read that much content all at once.

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  2. Thank you, Pam! And great to see you! I’ve discussed this question with a few folks, and I think I’m going to push full steam ahead. Otherwise, I will never, ever get current with my posts. You’re probably right about how most people won’t be able to read everything, but I need to stick with my momentum while I’ve got it. If you get some kind of e-mail whenever I post, you might want to turn that off.


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