God is a Storm

Because I’m helping my church write a chronicle of its history, I’ve been poring over its timeline. Some background information is that I was at a Maundy Thursday service in 2006, when a tornado passed by the church, and dealt some considerable damage to the east side of Iowa City. (We were so busy with our tenebrae that we didn’t know that we’d lost power. And then when thunder crashed during the crucifixion, we were like, “Diggit!”) Right. 2006. Tornado passes over the church on Maundy Thursday. 

Now. I’m reading this timeline, and it says, “Tornado passes over church. During Maundy Thursday services. 1982.” So at first I think it’s a typo. But James and I start to do some digging–and no oh. All this is legit. Two different years, two of the same services, two different tornados.

Y’all should come to our church. We’ve twice seen the whirlwind.

(Originally posted August 9, 2016)

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