Megan: I like the idea of budding for weight loss. I’ll just eat so much that one day, there will be two of me.

James: Two half-sized Meggies?

Megan: 2.5 feet tall. We couldn’t reach any of the cupboards.

James: Actually, the laws of density would mean that each of you would be a little taller than 2.5 feet. 

Megan: [Looks at James.]

James: You’d probably be something like 2.6, 2.7 feet.

Megan: So are you calling me dense?

James: Um. 

Megan: Yes?

James: If you take a 10″ pizza, and consider it in terms of a 20″ pizza–

Megan: In this case, does “dense” mean “dumb” or “fat?”

James: [Puts a pillow on his lap.] I want you to know that your pants don’t ever make your butt look big.

(Originally posted December 16, 2016)

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