Crow Gifts

Well… huh. As may probably know, I feed all the back-yard creatures. Among my other offerings, I put out cat kibble for a little, brown stray. The kibble is also popular with the crows. I lay the kibble on a particular stump. Sometimes the crows watch from the trees. And because scientists have determined that they can recognize faces, I smile up at them. Snow-White Meggie. I give a particular whistle and everything.

Well. Today I went out to the stump–and I discovered that somebody had left a piece of clear glass. It’s about an inch square. Now, that thing is big enough–and the stump is small enough–that if it had been there all along, I would have noticed it by now. It is a new object. It’s right there, on the stump where I leave the kibble. And you know what crows are at least anecdotally known to do? Leaving gifts for the people who take care of them.

Is this what’s happening here? I have no idea. Scientists say that crow gifts have not been observable in the wild. But in 2015, the BBC published an article about a little girl who gets crow gifts all the time. All I’ve got is this piece of glass. But you know what? I’ve put it on my shelf. It’s my crow gift, for now. It’s made my day.

(Originally posted April 2, 2018)

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