James and I drove down the road, minding our business, when a goose stopped the traffic. She was sauntering—that’s the only word—across three lanes of road. An oncoming car nudged closer, to get her a move on, and this goose lowered her head at it and puffed herself up. This just slowed her down some, so, you know, Car 0, Goose 1. 

There could have been a voice over. I could hear it.

Car: Hey, get out of the road.

Goose: Hey, we all got places to be.

Car: You’re tying up the traffic.

Goose: I got as much a right as you!

Car: Oh, yeah?

Goose: The does it. Now you’re gonna get shot the bird, by a bird.

(Originally posted April 25, 2018)

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