I’ve Become That Lady

Our house backs to a forested ravine that is basically the wildlife highway of our neighborhood. Around dusk, each day, the deer come into the yard, and eat the corn and millet I leave around. Yesterday, I stood at my window, watching them nuzzle and browse. It was very Snow White. It was very Peaceable Kingdom. It was two does standing on their hind legs, smacking the crap out of each other. “Hey!” I threw open the window. “Hey!” They didn’t stop. “Don’t you pummell each other in my yard!” They turned my way. “I will set the hose on you. And I know the water’s frozen, so I will just throw that thing.” They scattered into the woods. I shut the window. Both cats sat beside me. They’d torn up the stairs as soon as they’d heard me yell. I don’t know if Snow White had pips, but I have pips. The neighbors probably think I’m crazy, but I have cat pips.

(Originally posted February 4, 2018)

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