Respite in the Desert.jpg

Last week we spent five days in California–near the water for a while and then in the desert. I feel younger for it. We were with family, which made everything better outright. But what we also did was walk away from the news. This wasn’t some kind of proactive decision; we weren’t wise enough to go dark. Rather the travel, and the lower availability of wifi, and the increase in activity just kept us from clutching at the headlines. And I have to tell you: as a Trump junkie (of the most disapproving sort), the man is best left ignored. Not all the time, obviously. But he is a toxin. And while we work as fast as we can to contain him, it’s good to watch the hummingbird in the bougainvillea, say, or to smile at the old, gay lovers on the pier, or to partake of the plentitude of desert cantinas where the waiter smirks at the gringo who really wants to try the hot sauce authentico. In other words, we have to enjoy what we’re fighting for. God knows I’m not spouting any deep insight here; we’ve all heard it before. Nonetheless, I needed the reminder. Not everyone has to man the watchtower at once. Go get some food with your loved ones. Enjoy the clean air. And abide awhile with the spring that, despite all, has still come.

(Originally posted March 15, 2017)

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