There’s a tailless raccoon who lives in our useless, dirt-floored garage. I’ve put a dog bed in there, and he has a time. Now around that garage, I also happen to feed the birds. In addition to the birdbath, which is high up, I leave a glass bowl of water on the ground. This bowl is across the driveway from the garage–maybe fifty feet away. Yesterday, I found it had moved, across the driveway, to the garage’s opening. The water–which was still in the bowl–was dirty from somebody washing. James says he didn’t touch the bowl. I sure didn’t. So… could it be? I would have paid money to see Stumpy the Raccoon ferry the water bowl without spilling it.

EDIT. Ah, but you say the water could have frozen at night–when raccoons are most active–and thereby made it easier for Stumpy to ferry. But if that was the case, Stumpy knew that the water would return to liquid, and wanted it by his hovel for later. Either way, I’m impressed.

(Originally posted February 3, 2017)

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