What Arming Teachers Targets

Here’s the thought that woke me up last night: Trump and/or his wackos succeed in passing some sort of measure that requires teachers to carry guns. Being utterly appalled at the thought of packing such a thing, much less using one on a child they’ve taught, most liberal and moderate teachers resign. We still need teachers, though, so mostly Trumpite teachers take their place. So now we not only have teachers who are willing to shoot whomever needs shooting (or whomever they think needs shooting), but we also have teachers who, following Trump, probably take a dim view of certain subjects, such as science, history, civics, comparative religion, and critical thinking. 

Conspiracy theory, you say? I’m not sure the Trumpites have actually put this in their playbook, but they’ve been gunning (sigh) for the schools for a while now. And besides all that, situations have a way of manifesting from their own factors, regardless of intent.

(Originally posted February 24, 2018)


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