The Russians are Coming

Well here’s an odd thing. Yesterday I wrote a Facebook post urging people not even to joke about Trump’s assassination. I talked about the Russians and how they would love an assassination. In addition to “Trump,” “Russians,” and “assassination,” I mentioned other words such as “BuzzFeed,” “Colbert,” “Fox”, and “Flynn.” This was a (characteristically) long post. And almost immediately after I published it, a stranger, with a very Russian-sounding name, liked the piece. Then, as a reply, this person posted an article from happy – foxie . com, which had a headline that said something like, “You Won’t Believe What Trump Just Did.” I didn’t read the article, because the news site looked fishy. And from a little research, I’ve come to suspect that it is almost certainly a sham that contains all kinds of clickbait. Huh. So I erased the story from my feed. And I tried to access the profile of the person who posted the piece, and I was able to view nothing except for pictures of a young woman standing in a snowy town that looks very eastern European. 

Now: What’s the set-up here? My guess is that there’s some kind of search engine that flags articles that mention some of the keywords I listed above. Then somebody goes to that post–if it’s global–and seeds a little lie. According to what I’ve researched, the names of these posters change, and the actual accounts can come from bait farms all over the world.

Is that what could be happening? Ew and EW! So let’s try another post. Ahem. Here it goes. Russian-backed scammers and election stealers: We are onto you. We know that Trump is in bed with Putin. We know that you like to spread malware as well as fake news. We know that you want to destabilize our country. We will deal with you soon enough.


(Originally posted May 9, 2017)

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