A Mental-Health Expert Says WH Staffers Have Solicited Her Advice About Their Boss

My father is a moderate Republican and a psychologist. During the Trump campaign, he called the man a malignant narcissist. He wasn’t making an official diagnosis; he was in his living room, talking to his family. In the following post, Slate interviews Dr. Bandy Lee, who is also not focused on making a diagnosis, but is very devoted to her duty to warn. The whole article is worth the read, but the crux is that Lee has been contacted by people who work with Trump and who have concerns about him. Lee also believes that Trump’s psychosis is getting worse. Here’s an outtake:

Q. What sorts of things are you talking about, besides lying?
A. The increasing frequency in lying, the increasingly belligerent tweets, his inability to vary his responses to situations. For example, he cannot let a criticism go. He has to fabricate reality to situations that are distressing to him. And the thing about pathology, as opposed to normal reaction, is pathology actually becomes more rigid and more predictable. A healthy individual might be able to vary their response, especially if it’s strategy. They can choose to act differently if something is not working. Whereas pathology tends to become more and more rigid as it worsens. And what we’re seeing is simple repetition now, and worsening, greater frequency of his poor coping mechanisms.

Read the rest here:  https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/09/trump-mental-health-bandy-lee-psychiatrist.html

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