I am not a fig and I cannot fly, but I can decimate an apple with vampire teeth. I earned a master’s in fiction writing from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and I’ve just finished my first novel. I live in Iowa City with my husband (James), our two cats (Sitka and Taku), and an old garage full of groundhogs.

So the blog:  It’s a hodgepodge of observations, blue streaks, and harangues. It tells jokes and stories. It whips up the occasional snit. Mostly it centers on what I best like to think about, including politics, liberal theology, art and pop culture, animals, and absurdity.  To start it off, I’ve stocked some back posts from writing I’ve done elsewhere. (You’ll see the original fb publication date at the end of each one.) In the future, I hope to update the blog a few times a week.

Whether you decide to read regularly or not, I thank you for visiting. Leave a comment, if you wish. We need good conversation, especially in times like this.