Planned Parenthood Saves Lives

About a year ago, I decided, on a whim, to take my blood pressure at one of those grocery-pharmacy jobbies. The machine said that I was hypertensive. (It turns out that this was utterly bogus, but I didn’t know this at the time, and I freaked.) I didn’t have medical insurance, and I didn’t have the time to find a walk-in clinic. So I went to Planned Parenthood. 

I passed through a line of protesters who basically stood in front of my car until I rolled down the window and refused their pamphlets. I went straight to the PP appointment desk, and told them my problem. They took my blood pressure immediately. They took it twice. They told me I could come back at any time. They refused a donation, because, they reasoned, they hadn’t really done much.

I went back to my car. The protestors hollered about how God loves my baby. And I wanted to holler back that last I heard, their God loves the poor. And he loves the people who ease the burden of the poor. And he loves children, yes. And this probably means that he loves them to be healthy, and safe–and come to think of it, he probably loves them not to be pregnant themselves. And if you really want to get technical, there is one other thing that God allegedly loves–and that is the lesser evil. So if you are talking about a certain procedure that, contrary to Rep. Boehner’s claim, is only a minuscule portion of Planned Parenthood’s services–and if you are convinced that this procedure amounts to the killing of a child–then choose it as a lesser evil than forcing certain people (read: the poor) into back-alley operations that likely result in the death of the child and the mother as well.

I have medical insurance now. I don’t have to use Planned Parenthood any longer. But I still donate, because contrary to anyone’s claims, they do a great, godly amount of good.

(Originally posted February 3, 2012)

Bad-Ass Women of History

So, Judges 5, aka “The Song of Deborah and Barak,” is our oldest swatch of Hebrew scripture. It’s about a female leader of Israel, who guides her general toward battle. It’s also about a female badass named Jael, who does in the enemy leader with a tent spike. Oldest known Hebrew scripture. Two uppity ladies. No submissiveness for miles. (And don’t even me started on this guy named Barak.)

(Originally posted January 17, 2012)

Bronx Bomber

In my dream, Joe DiMaggio tells an indignant Marilyn Monroe that she is a hack nuclear scientist. He bursts into song with, “You think your project’s Curie-ous, but no, you’re data’s spurious.” I can’t remember what happens next.

(Originally posted July 20, 2011)