She Nods and Nods

So I went to a thing today that talked about community organizing on a one-on-one level. It was an interesting workshop that centered, in part, on collecting power for change. The guy who gave the presentation was part of a Catholic organization, and as he taught us pleasant Iowans about how power can be a good thing, he mentioned Mother Theresa. “Mother Theresa!” he said. “She was tough. She was ruthless. Do you know where she sat when she rode in a plane?” Nobody answered. He stood right in front of James and me. “On the plane,” he said. “Every time. Do you know where she sat?”

Dearies, I did not know the answer. But you will be proud. In the name of sensitivity and decorum, I refrained from saying, “On the dashboard?”

The answer, by the way, is that she sat in first class. She said this is where all the rich people were, and she needed the rich to contribute to her cause.

(Originally posted May 5, 2018)